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The “Glammock” is a woven hammock made from bright annealed stainless steel 2.6m long and 0.73m wide. It is constructed using stainless steel rivets and fittings. Included are 2 x 3 metre stainless steel ropes for attachment at each end.

The hammock's patented design provides more stability than rectangular hammocks.

“I have always loved making hammocks, almost as much as I love lying in them! My latest design has exceeded expectations in comfort, durability and the delightful reaction of people who view the hammocks. Every hammock is individual, taking its own form as each piece of stainless steel is riveted in place."

- Michael Downes, Mrossy Designer

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  • Holds up to 400kgs
  • Handmade from quality stainless steels and components
  • Designed not to rust - virtually a hammock for life
  • Doesn't get hot when exposed to sunlight because it reflects infrared rays

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